Hello Hailey. Just wanted to say hi because I saw your super cute submission to just-redhair and stopped by to check out your blog. You have a wonderful mix of stuff on it. Great to read about your progress on getting in shape. And "keep calm a date a mortician" may just be the weirdest, most fantastic version of those quotes I've ever seen :) Love your hair too btw. Anyway, that's about all. Have a nice day. G.

Thank you sooooo much :D you made my entire morning :) I checked out your blog as well and it is great, I see you are a fellow ginger. About the keep calm and date a mortician post, I am starting college in September to become a funeral director / mortician and I wanted people to see that not all morticians are “old”, “grumpy”, and “scary” and that we are people of all ages, genders, and sometimes in my case have extremely quirky and bubbly personalities. Once again thank you so much for this message :) I hope you have an amazing day:)¬†